Our corporate worship services are filled with proclamation, praise, and prayer.

  • We Proclaim Expository preaching is the type of proclamation we strive to have in the weekly worship service. Preachers are called to proclaim what God has said and announce what God has done in Christ for His glory. And expository preaching aims to regularly and consistently explain God's Word as God gave His Word for His people. Practically, expository preaching is empowered preaching where the preacher seeks to rightfully submit the shape, emphasis, and tone of the sermon to the shape, emphasis, and tone of a God's Word. Or, more succinctly, expository preaching takes the point of the biblical passage as the point of the sermon.
  • We Praise People praise and sing about the things that capture their hearts, things that give them joy or allow them to express sorrow and lament. As Christians, we have every reason to sing and are even commanded to do so in God's Word. As sinners who have been forgiven, as slaves who have been set free, as the spiritually blind who have received sight, as spiritual cripples who are healed – all by the gospel. We have real reasons to be known as people who sing of God's glory. Praising God through singing is the natural and appropriate response to the gospel because it is one of the highest expressions of joy and hope.
  • We Pray We pray throughout our worship services. During different moments of the service we adore God for His character and work, we confess our sins and sinfulness to Him, we thank Him for His grace, mercy, hope for our church, and we lift our needs and desires as a congregation to Him. Some of our prayers are short, and some are more lengthy, but all of them are congregational, where we submit ourselves to the will of God.