We envision a church whose members are fully equipped to confidently and clearly share the gospel (1 Peter 3:15; 2 Tim. 3:16-17). Newcomers are warmly welcomed, followed up with and integrated into the life of the church. As a church, both corporately and individually, we are eager to regularly speak the gospel to one another and share it with the lost. The gospel is presented at every service. The church membership is growing primarily through new converts.

We see a church where missions is highly valued and celebrated and a growing percentage of the budget is allocated to missions. All mission efforts are careful to include the message of the gospel. We are excited to host outreach events to reach the unsaved. Regular praise is being given for conversion testimonies. Regular prayer is being offered up for the salvation of the lost. People are being saved. Lives are being transformed. God is being glorified.


We envision a church where every member knows his or her spiritual gifts and is serving in the area of their giftedness (1 Peter 4:10). We have a full staff who are ministering and training the whole body. All elders, leaders and teachers are excellently equipped, humble, God-reliant servants. Expository, gospel-centric teaching is challenging believers to apply God’s Word to all aspects of life.

We see life groups that are vibrant, multiplying and growing spiritually. New life groups are being added to accommodate new believers and members. People are excited to be involved in one-on-one discipleship. Our teachers are passionate and well-trained. Everyone is enthusiastic about participating in Sunday School, growing in God’s Word, increasing in our love for Christ and practicing spiritual disciplines. Our youth are being discipled and are developing hearts for God. Ongoing training is being provided to train up men to be godly, servant-leaders, husbands and dads. A Bible-centered women’s ministry is building up women of Christ and leading women to Christ.

We see a congregation that welcomes and integrates every believer who walks through our doors regardless of their appearance or background. We are welcoming and reaching out in love to those who come in without Christ. As a congregation we are joyously giving of our time, talent and resources. Worship is seen as a way of life and our corporate worship is Christ-centered and others-oriented. We see a growing congregation from all walks of life serving one another from the heart and growing together in the Word and prayer.


We envision a church where we are serving each other by being Christ-centered and others-oriented in our relationships with each other (Mark 10:45; Phil. 2:1-4). Widows and widowers, single parents and elderly are being cared for with compassion. We exhibit a servant approach in our relationships. Couples with young children are being served in the nursery and children’s ministries so that they can engage in worship and study. We see a vibrant, overflowing children’s ministry with many well-trained, loving volunteers to teach and love our children.We envision a new facility to meet the growing demands of our children’s ministry.

We see a church excited about missions, displayed through servant hearts by training, sending and supporting missionaries and mission endeavors. We are reaching out to absentee members and visitors. Members are eager to serve others, especially in their area of giftedness. We as a church are more concerned about serving others than being served. In doing this, needs are being met, people are being blessed, the gospel is being lived out, and God is being glorified.