Crosspoint is a “congregationally ruled” church. We believe that Scripture gives final, earthly authority in matters of doctrine, leadership, and membership to congregational affirmation.

Crosspoint is also “elder-led” because we believe that Scripture calls for a plurality of men (called elders or pastors) to teach, shepherd, lead, and protect the church according to the Bible.

For more specifics concerning our church government, please see our Bylaws.

  • Aaron Abbott


    Aaron has been serving as an elder since January of 2021. He was born and raised in Colorado and has been married to Hayley for nearly 20 years after they met at college in Kansas. They have three young daughters, Molly, Halston, and Story. Alongside serving as an Elder, Aaron helps Hayley teach and lead in the children's ministry, and he works locally in the banking industry.

  • Harold Buller


    Harold has been serving a second term as an elder since January of 2020. He is originally from Hillsdale and is a farmer and retired teacher. Harold and his wife have five adult children and many grandchildren. Alongside serving as an Elder, Harold teaches an adult Verse-by-Verse Discipleship Class on Sunday mornings and helps in the AWANA ministry with his wife, Leona, on Wednesday evenings.

  • Asher Griffin

    Staff ELDER & Lead Pastor

    Asher has been serving as an elder since August of 2019. He and his wife, Brooke, are both from Edmond, OK, and both graduated from Oklahoma State University. Asher received his M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, and has served in churches in Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Asher teaches a men's theology class on Sunday mornings alongside serving as an Elder and preaching.

  • Terrill Unruh


    Terrill has been serving as a second term as an elder since January of 2021. He grew up at Crosspoint and has been married to Rebecca for nearly eight years. They have two children, Ethan and Matrissa. He works locally in carpentry and home remodeling. Alongside serving as an Elder, Terrill teaches a marriage class on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and leads the Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights.


  • Hayley Abbott

    Coordinator of Children's Discipleship

  • Asher Griffin

    Lead Pastor & STaff Elder

    Asher serves as the Lead Pastor and as one of the Elders. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His wife is a Child Life Specialist.

  • Jeremy Manns

    Director of Music & Life Groups

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  • Amy Ratzlaff

    Project Assistant

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  • Gina Reimer

    Financial Secretary

    Gina serves as the Financial Secretary. She is a graduate of Tabor College in Hillsboro, KS. Her husband works with ADM and they have two children.

  • Heather Arnold

    Nursery Administrtor

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  • Rebecca Whiting

    Nursery Scheduler

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Deacons & Ministry Team Leaders

Deacons and Ministry Team Leaders are servants that execute ministry in specific areas within the church. These servants have been recognized as deacons and leaders by our church.

  • Deacons

    • Lois Clausing
    • Dave & Angie Delaplane
    • Barbara & Carl Dieterle
    • Larry & Jan Frey
    • Don & Irma Gerbrandt
    • Darlene Koehn
  • Ministry Team Leaders

    • Deacon Team Leader – David Delaplane
    • Discipleship Team Leader – Roger Gossen
    • Finance & Facility Team Leader – Roger Ediger
    • Outreach Team Leader – Karen Eifert Jones
    • Music Team Leader – Sheryl Meier
    • Treasurer – Sara Hill